A Boomeranger Success Story!

Do you know someone returning to the workforce?  Try the Boomeranger program at CPS!
We have a terrific success story we’d like to share with you concerning our candidate Manfred and his recruiter, Stacey.
How did you meet Manfred?
Stacey: “I remember the cold November morning Manfred came to CPS, I liked him immediately.  He had passion to secure a role as soon as possible.  He was struggling to find a position as he was new to the area and I assured him we would do all we could to help.  He had a very solid work history, a strong resume, and a great attitude.”
What were your struggles in your job search?
Manfred: “My knowledge of the companies in the area was limited and I also had a lack of work experience in the U.S.  I needed help.”
Stacey: “Manfred was also concerned that he was too “old” to find a position in manufacturing, however, that was his goal and I was determined to help.  Three interviews later, we were successful placing him with a local organization that truly values our Boomerangers.”
Manfred: “I found a job through CPS in the shipping field.  Throughout the process, Stacey made sure I would be comfortable with my contribution, the environment, and be an asset to the company I would be working for.  I would recommend CPS to anyone struggling with their job search.”
So, what is our Boomeranger program?
Our Boomeranger program is designed for employers and employees alike to meet their ever changing needs.  Many folks need to supplement their income after retirement and may need to work on a part-time basis, while others are looking to return to the workforce on a full-time opportunity after raising a family or caring for an elderly parent.  We at CPS are fully committed to helping these talented, skilled individuals find the right fit at a company that seeks the maturity, reliability, and commitment that these candidates provide.
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Put your Money Where Your Mouth Is


By: Stacey Wood

I have been a manufacturing recruiter for some time now.  Thus, on a daily basis I speak to several angry candidates who have lost their jobs due to outsourcing or companies moving to other countries.  Many of these folks are bitter and jaded.  Moreover, they feel powerless.  Thus, I felt compelled to ask them and ultimately myself what are YOU doing about it?

Commit to doing more

First, I have committed myself to reflecting on how I spend my income.  For example, I make every effort to frequent local establishments for all the goods and services I use in my daily life.  Is it always possible?  No.  However, I make it a priority to research when and where I can and do so accordingly.  It is important to take the time to truly consider how you are spending your funds and accept responsibility for those choices.

Use every opportunity to encourage local growth

Next, I committed to doing all of my holiday shopping with local businesses.  In all honesty, I am the rare woman that does not enjoy shopping.  However, it was actually an exciting challenge to force myself to think “outside the box” for all the folks on my holiday shopping list.  For example, for music lovers I only purchased works from local musicians who had their works produced in the area.  For “foodies” I solely bought gift certificates from locally owned restaurants. Further, I made every effort to find out which of these owners bought the ingredients from local growers, etc….  In addition, for the tough people on my list, I bought ornaments and gifts from artists that reside in the area and made baskets with a variety of goods grown or made in Central New York.  In fact, I have a friend who loves birdhouses and was able to purchase one made by an old friend who is trying to increase her income after a divorce.  In addition, she partnered with her father on the project who was a former fabricator that uses the income to help in his retirement years.  The impact of this effort was huge!  I actually enjoyed my holiday shopping this year.  In addition, I was able to connect with some new friends as well.  It truly felt rewarding to look the recipient of my hard earned cash in the eye, appreciate their works and services, and know that they too were doing their best to do the same.

Share your results with others

Finally, these efforts have yielded even greater results.  For example, most of my friends and family bought me locally crafted goods in return.  This was unexpected and greatly appreciated.  Further, they found themselves buying for others on their lists as well from the same establishments, thereby adding even more revenue to the local economy.  They too felt rewarded and have now decided to do more.  Every little bit helps.

Are these efforts going to change the world?  No.  Are they going to bring back high paying jobs in the auto industry?  No.  However, recognizing the power you have as a consumer just might help us move in that direction.  These small efforts may help an out of work production worker use his welding skills to augment his income, or a former cabinet maker pay for his increasingly high electric bill.  Perhaps it will help a single mom put gas in her car to get to her day job or even keep a neighborhood business thriving that may employ you, your parents, or your children in the future.

Mahatma Ghandi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  Stop complaining! Take responsibility and put your money where your mouth is.

Got Jobs!!

Please see below for our current hot jobs! We are also offering a referral bonus of $50 for any candidate you send to us that we are able to place.  Please contact any of our Recruiters for more information on this program.


A national distribution company has immediate needs for 8 Copywriters! Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, creating product and promotional copy for the company website and ensuring content is written & presented in a usability standard.

Customer Service Associate

Contemporary Personnel Staffing is partnering with a Camillus based company to hire a Customer Service Associate. This role is responsible for assisting customers with the storage selection process, consulting and selling customers various add-on products, ensuring that rental properties are ready to be leased, and handling cash flow for all rental properties.

Donor Relations/Operations Coordinator

A local Non-profit has a part time need for a Donor Relations/Operations Coordinator representative. This role will require candidates to be organized and have the ability to prioritize, multi-task and meet deadlines. Responsibilities will include preparing letters, create/run daily reports, prepare bank deposits, manage office inventory and other various tasks.


An established East Syracuse company is looking for a packager. As a packager you will be responsible for all packaging responsibilities and must be able to work in a fast paced environment with good communication skills.

SMT Operator

A Cazenovia company is looking for an experienced electronic technician-Surface Mount Technology (SMT), to join their team. You will support the day to day production and automated assembly and population of printed circuit boards by troubleshooting, repairing and maintaining the automated production equipment.

Screw Machinist

A machining company in the Syracuse area is looking for a screw machinist to join their team. In this role, you will be responsible for the set up and operation of the davenport screw machines. Other duties would be performing regular maintenance of the machine and ensuring the work area is maintained.

For interest in administrative opportunities, please contact Annie Sessler at 457.2500 or forward your resume to jobs@cpsprofessionals.com!

For interest in manufacturing opportunities, please contact Megan Wolfgang at 458.2100 or forward your resume to mfg@cpsprofessionals.com!

 We helped over 980 people get jobs in 2012!  We want to help YOU, so call today!

Character Traits of Extraordinary Leaders

The success of every organization rests on the foundation of leadership. A group of people, whether a business, organization, family or society, can only go as far as leadership will take it.

Some people do not believe that they are leaders or even that they can be a leader. I believe that every person is a leader in at least one situation.

Maybe you aren’t a leader at work, but you are in your family or as the soccer coach of the little league team. Somewhere you are leading. Here is my working definition of leadership: INFLUENCE. Nothing more, nothing less. So as you are reading this, understand that I am giving you these thoughts in order to help you influence as many people in the most effective way possible!

When people make a decision (either consciously or unconsciously) to follow your leadership, they do it primarily because of one of two things: your character or your skills. They want to know if you are the kind of person they want to follow and if you have the skills to take them further. Yes, there are other variables, but these are the bulk of the matter. Next, we focus on the kind of character that causes people to follow your leadership.

  1. Integrity. Integrity is that you do what you say you will. You are trustworthy. People can rely on you. You keep your promises. The one thing that will keep most people from following you is if they can’t know for sure if you will actually take them where you say you will. Are you known as a person of integrity? If so, you will become an Extraordinary Leader!
  2. Optimistic. People don’t want to follow others who think the future is bad! They want to follow those who can see the future and let them know that there is a better place and that they can get them there! Do you see the cup as half empty? Then you are a pessimist. Do you see it as half full? Then you are an optimist. Do you see it as totally full–half air and half water? Then you are a super optimist! Are you known as an optimist? If so, you will become an Extraordinary Leader!
  3. Embraces Change. Leaders are the ones who will see the need for change and willingly embrace it. Followers will, at first, desire to stay where they are. Leaders need to see the benefits of change and communicate them to followers. If you don’t change, you won’t grow! Are you known as a person who embraces change? If so, you will become an Extraordinary Leader!
  4. Risk Taker. Whenever we try something new, we are taking a risk. That is part of growing and it is imperative. Most people are risk averse. Not the leader! They calculate the risk and what is to be gained from taking the risk. Then they communicate that to the followers and away they go to a better tomorrow! Are you known as a person who is willing to take risks? If so, you will become an Extraordinary Leader!
  5. Tenacious. The tendency of the follower is to quit when the going gets tough. Two or three tries and their motto becomes, “If at first you don’t succeed, give up and try something else.” Not the leader! They know what good lies beyond this brick wall and they will go and get it. Then they will bring others with them! Are you known as a person who is tenacious? If so, you will become an Extraordinary Leader!
  6. Catalytic. A leader is ultimately one who gets people going. They are able to move others out of their comfort zone and on toward the goal! They can raise the passion, enthusiasm and ACTION of those who would follow. Are you known as a catalyst? If so, you will become an Extraordinary Leader!
  7. Dedicated/Committed. Followers want people who are more devoted and committed than themselves. At the first sign of lack of commitment, followers scatter for the doors. If the leader sees the end and is bailing out, they better get out first. Followers follow those who will stick it out because they see the importance of the task and the goal. Are you known as a person who is committed and devoted to the goal? If so, you will become an Extraordinary Leader!

This post originally appeared as part of our monthly e-newsletter, Staff Matters.  This post was written by Chris Widener and published by our partners, the fine folks at Haley Marketing Group.  

Got Jobs!!


Please see below for our current hot jobs! We are also offering a referral bonus of $50 for any candidate you send our way that we place.  Please contact any of our Recruiters for more information on this program.

Material Expeditor  

A leading manufacturer in Cazenovia is seeking a Material Expeditor.  This three month assignment requires you to be responsible for following up on all material orders, as well as to input/update information in company-wide tracking system and expedite purchase orders.

Service Support Specialist

A company based out of Pulaski, NY has a need for a Service Support Specialist. Candidates in this role will be responsible for processing invoices, credits and reconciling payment discrepancies, documenting training records, administering document transmissions, processing expense reports for all service personnel and some clerical duties as assigned.

Customer Service Associate

A Camillus area company is looking to hire a Customer Service Associate who will be responsible for assisting customers with the storage selection process (in person and via phone conversations). Other duties will include consulting and selling customers various add-on products, ensuring that rental properties are ready to be leased, handling cash flow for all rental properties and various administrative tasks as assigned.

PC Tech’s

A Pulaski area company is seeking multiple PC Tech’s.  As a PC Tech you will be responsible for installing hardware and software systems, maintaining and repairing equipment, and troubleshooting computer issues.

PC Field Service Tech’s

A Clinton area company is looking for a PC Field Service Tech. You will be responsible for installing and maintaining software and hardware for companies in the area, setting up servers, monitor all IT solutions and troubleshoot any issues.

For interest in administrative opportunities, please contact Annie Sessler at 457.2500 or forward your resume to jobs@cpsprofessionals.com!

For interest in manufacturing opportunities, please contact Megan Wolfgang at 458.2100 or forward your resume to mfg@cpsprofessionals.com!

We helped over 1,900 people get jobs last year!  We want to help YOU, so call today!

Strong References are Vital!


By Stacey Wood, CTS

While it’s true that a great resume and strong interview skills are necessary to secure new employment, in today’s competitive market that simply just isn’t enough. Strong references are a vital tool that can help seal the deal.

Consider the source – make it relevant

It is important to choose your references wisely. Select individuals that you have recently worked under in your last role. Someone you worked with ten years ago may not readily recall your specific contributions to the organization. Thus, they may lack the necessary relevant knowledge when asked detailed questions about your past performance and strengths. Use professional references, personal references are not nearly as effective and cannot provide all the data required by a hiring manager.

Prepare your references for the call

It is vital that the individuals on your list anticipate being contacted in the near future. If they aren’t prepared to receive the call, they will likely come off as confused or even agitated. This could be conceived as a lack of attention to detail on your end. There is little more powerful than a former employer enthusiastically taking the time to speak highly of your work. Consider when someone you know highly recommends a new film or restaurant. Aren’t you far more likely to try it?

Surprise! You’ve been ‘googled’

Don’t forget that your on-line profile speaks volumes about you as well. I know several employers who ‘google’ potential candidates before interviewing them. Further, they often search their LinkedIn connections as well. In fact, my friend Jessie recently went on an interview and was questioned why her LinkedIn profile stated a different title than the one she had on her formal resume. Attention to detail and accuracy matters. Further, remember to save personal opinions and political views for formats like Facebook.

A great reference is critical-don’t overlook this powerful tool!

This post originally appeared in the Job Advice blog on Syracuse.com, where Stacey blogs on a monthly basis.

It’s No Humbug – How to keep your workplace on track during the holidays without being a Scrooge!

‘Tis the season to be…

Jolly? Merry?


Let’s be honest here. During the holidays, we all get a little bit off our games. Parties, shopping, vacations and family visits can cause even your best employees to lose their focus, sending productivity down the drain.

Obviously, you need to keep your staff working at peak efficiency during this “most wonderful time of the year.” But how can you do it without coming off like a real Scrooge? Try these ideas:

  • Use temporary staff to cover holiday vacations. Your staff has worked hard all year earning some well-deserved time off. Help them maintain a healthy work/life balance by making it easy to take their vacation time. Before things get too hectic, organize vacation schedules in one place, and then work with your staffing provider to get the coverage you need.
  • Create an upbeat atmosphere. Does your business become crazy this time of year? If so, stay one step ahead of the stress. Proactively create a working environment of camaraderie and positivity. Help your employees realize that you’re all in this together, and that you can still have fun while you’re working really hard. An upbeat atmosphere during your busy holiday season can be downright infectious–try it, and you may be surprised at how well your staff responds!
  • Plan for productive downtime. Don’t let Parkinson’s Law (work expands to fill the time allotted for its completion) dictate your employees’ productivity levels. If your company is typically slow through the end of the year, plan to use the extra time wisely. Capitalize on this opportunity to tackle initiatives (improving processes, finishing backlogged work, preparing for 2013) you might not otherwise have the time to accomplish. When possible, switch things up so that employees are challenged by tasks that are novel for them. Keep them productive and focused, and those long December days will fly by.
  • Lead by example. Employees take their cues from you–every day of the year. If your attitude is lackadaisical, your staff will tend to slack off too. So stay focused on accomplishing your end-of-year goals, avoid the temptation to “knock off early” and set a good example.
  • Whistle while you work. If you follow the tips above, you and your employees will stay quite busy through the holidays. So find ways to inject some fun into your work! Play holiday music, decorate the office or treat employees to lunch on a particularly hectic day. And remember to say “Thank You!” Find small ways to celebrate as a group and make your days merry and bright.
  • Try to limit excessive overtime or weekend hours. When additional work is required due to seasonal demands, consider using temporary help to supplement your direct workforce. If possible, offer some flexibility in work shifts so employees can accomplish all their holiday errands. Finally, consider scheduling your office’s holiday celebrations during normal business hours, so you don’t take away from employees’ personal time.
  • Reflect upon and share accomplishments. One of the best ways to keep employees engaged is to acknowledge their hard work. The end of the year is the perfect time to reward employees for their contributions to your company’s success. So bring your staff together and share individual, team and company accomplishments. Merely being recognized for their efforts can greatly lift employees’ spirits during an otherwise stressful time of the year.

Your employees will respond to the holiday season in different ways. For some, it’s a time to relax, enjoy themselves and recharge their batteries. For others, it’s stressful and a source of distraction. As a leader, it’s your job to help everyone on your team stay positive, focused and performing at their best.

This post originally appeared as part of our monthly e-newsletter, Staff Matters, published by the fine folks at Haley Marketing Group.